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Adventures in Decorating

Hi! I’m Kelly Miller, an artist and pattern designer. This blog is a place for me to explore my love of interior design, home decor, design trends and to share fun, simple and easy home DIY projects.

Some of the things I’ll be exploring here include:

Wallpaper DIY

I love wallpaper! But somehow I have none in my home. I’ve always been a bit intimidated by it, but with so many new types of wallpaper on the market, installation is becoming easier, more affordable and less permanent. In this blog, you’ll get ideas, hints and tips for fun, simple projects to add a bit of wallpaper in unexpected places (ceilings, anyone?)

Tips for Small Spaces

I live in Northern California, the land of expensive real estate. While I love the natural beauty and year round temperate climate, the average home price is no joke. The silver lining is that I've gotten very creative with how to make the most of the space we have. (Welcome to my bedroom/office/home gym). This blog will have lots of tips for making the most of small spaces, and ideas for maximizing the design potential of hybrid living spaces.

Easy Home Design Projects

With two teenages, two dogs, and two small businesses in our household, there’s no time for big home design projects. But a little planning, a few hours and some strategically placed decor goes a long way to give a whole new look to a space.


My style has always tended toward minimalism because it never really goes out of style, always looks modern and is easy to update with a few pillows or coats of paint. But being a pattern designer, it’s hard to resist something new, trendy and fun. So how do you incorporate maximalist tropical wallpaper into your minimalist Scandinavian living room? (Hint – embrace eclectic styles). I’ll have lots of tips on how to bring new trends seamlessly into your existing spaces.

If this sounds good to you, bookmark this page and check back every few weeks for updates. You can also follow me on Instagram @wildazure, where I’ll post when new blogs are live.

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